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1. Open and Closed R&D Processes: Internal Versus
External Knowledge

By  Mohammed Saleh Al.Ansari

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2. Population Dynamics of Bean Leaf Beetle, Cerotoma trifurcata (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) on Edamame Soybean Plants In Nebraska

By   Bamphitlhi Tiroesele, Thomas E. Hunt, Robert Wright and John E. Foster.

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3. Sustainable Heritage Development: Learning from Urban Conservation   of Heritage Projects in Non Western Contexts

By    Dr. Amira Elnokaly and Dr. Ahmed Elseragy

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4. Aspergillus flavus: A potential Bioremediator for oil
contaminated soils

By   Y.Avasn Maruthi,  Kaizar Hossain and Sujata Thakre

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5. Confronting the Reckless Gambling With People’s Health and Lives: Urban Solid Waste Management in Zimbabwe

By    Enock C.Makwara and Snodia Magudu

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6. Effect of drip and surface irrigation on yield, water-use-efficiency and economics of capsicum (capsicum annum l.) Grown under mulch and non mulch conditions in eastern coastal india

By   J.C. Paul, J.N. Mishra, P.L. Pradhan , B. Panigrahi

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7.Leading In Context: A Review Of Leadership Styles
To Inform School Effectiveness In Small Island States

By      Dr. Chryselda Caesar

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8. Vocationalization of Secondary Schools:
Implementation Reality or Fallacy?

By   Leona Mandiudza, Winnet Chindedza and Jeriphanos Makaye

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9. Marching forward to the past? : Challenges and
prospects for the new theology of land in Zimbabwe

By     Richard S. Maposa, James Hlongwana and Tasara Muguti

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10. Mangrove Forest Ecosystem Utilization And Depletion: Implication For Occupational Changes In Calabar South, Nigeria

By       Okpiliya F.I, Effiong E.B, Imoke Eni, Eja, Eja I,

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11. Infrastructural Barriers to e-Health Implementation in
Developing Countries.

By      Qamar Afaq Qureshi, Dr. Bahadar Shah, Dr. Najeebullah, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Kundi,
Dr. Allah Nawaz, Amanullah Khan Miankhel, Dr. Kamran Ahmad Chishti Najam Afaq Qureshi

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12. Promoting Eco-innovations to Leverage Sustainable
Development of Eco-industry and Green Growth

By    Dr. A.N.Sarkar

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