Il passaggio dalla paura al riso nella trilogia di Palazzeschi Riflessi, Il codice di Perelà e La piramide

Lamiaa AlyMosselhy Mohamed


While reading about science fiction, I found out that this terminology appeared in the early nineteenth century, but the characteristics of this genre were clear in Palazzeschi’s work years before. Therefore I chose three of his romances Il codice di Perelà, Riflessi and La piramide. These three reflect the natural way that Palazzeschi used to express science fiction ideas. The writer discussed important matters regarding the identity case, the society challenges in the late eighteenth century and his attitude regarding the truth approved once and for ever. He also distinguished his stories by using a humorous style. His vocabulary and ideas were colored by his Tuscany origins. In addition to the introduction, the research discussed in its first parts how the writer’s personality and mentality were formed. It also tackled the great philosophers and writers who influenced his ideas and style. As for the second part, the research underlined the most important cases which were concerned with the writer. Finally, I elaborated the effects of his local roots on his literary style.


Keywords: Palazzeschi, fantascienza, toscano, riso, Perelà, Riflessi, Piramide

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