Legal Forest Management Problems: EU Experience




The work contains the analysis of forestry management legal problems in Ukraine and the European Union, highlighting the problematic points in the national legislation and the possibility of implementing the experience of developed countries.

There are singled out the ways to improve forestry legislation, with accentuating the need in developing a nation-wide forestry program which would regulate forestry management with accounting for preservation of the forest’s ecology function and biologic potential. It is proved that a woodcutting site has attributes of a forestry relations object as a plot of the forest fund of Ukraine with established borders.

Also, there arises the need in revising the Regulation on territorial offices of the central executive power body that carries out state policies in forestry and in bringing it to the correspondence with the requirements of standing legislation of Ukraine and the Regulation on State forest inspection of Ukraine, granting it plenary powers similar to those in the leading European countries, for instance “forest guard” of the Republic of Poland.

 Key words: Forest; Woodcutting; Timber harvesting; Forest resources; Woodcutting site; Forestry management; Forest site; Forestry.




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Liubchych, A. ., Savchuk, O. ., & Vrublevska-Misiuna, K. . (2020). Legal Forest Management Problems: EU Experience. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 9(1), 205.