Vol 7, No 4

Table of Contents


How Italian Newspapers Narrate Climate Change. The Role of Media Representations in the Cultivation of Sustainable Collective Imaginary PDF
Martina Ferrucci, Lars Kjerulf Petersen 1-10
Implementation of Flexible Work Arrangements for Sustainable Development PDF
Ramunė Čiarnienė, Milita Vienažindienė, Rūta Adamonienė 11-21
Embedding Education for Sustainable Development through the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 PDF
Carolyn S. Hayles 22-32
Sustainable Policymaking: Balancing Profitability & Sustainable Development in Businesses PDF
Nicolas Viens, Denise Fortier 33-42
Pro-environmental Behavior of University Students: Influence of Cultural Differences PDF
Ecem Tezel, Mehmet Ugural, Heyecan Giritli 43-52
Leadership Education and Sustainable Development: Guidelines for Updating the Curriculum PDF
Denise Fortier, Nicolas Viens 53-62
Proactive Civil Society to Achieve SDGs PDF
Celia Pinedo Pardo 63-70
How to Manage Migration Flows through a New Model of Development: Inter-ethnic Companies as Good of Order in DRC PDF
Romeo Ciminello 71-83
Impact of Armed Conflict on Socio-economic Development in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Strategies for Sustainable Economic Development PDF
Grégoire Mashala Bitwakamba, Bwama Meyi Marcel, Romeo Ciminello 84-94
The Impact of Socially Responsible Investing in European Markets: Evidence of the Global Financial Crisis PDF
Irene Guia Arraiano 95-104
Perceptions of Firms Participating in a Circular Economy PDF
Nicolò Cristoni, Marcello Tonelli 105-118
Impact of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices on Egyptian Companies’ Performance PDF
Ola Mamdouh Mahmoud Hamdy, Khaled Kadry Elsayed, Bassam Elahmady 119-130
Integration with Secondary Stakeholders and Its Relationship with Sustainable Supply Chain Practices in Colombian SMES PDF
Laura M. Quiroga-Calderón, Ismael S. Mejía-Salazar, Carlos E. Moreno-Mantilla, Juan P. Loaiza-Ramírez 131-145
Sustainability Product Portfolio: A Review PDF
Carolina Villamil, Sophie I. Hallstedt 146-158
The Rise Of Emerging Powers in International Trade and their Impact on Economic and Political Stability PDF
Atreya Mathur, Shilpa Sai 159-170
Cybersecurity as an Essential Sustainable Economic Development Factor PDF
Ioana Vasiu, Lucian Vasiu 171-178
Changes in Farms` Economic Sustainability: The Picture of Polish Farms in the Last Decade PDF
Wioletta Wrzaszcz 179-190
Income Risk Management in Agriculture using Financial Support PDF
Lina Novickytė 191-202
Analysis of the Factors that Intervene in the Exports of Wooden Furniture and Its Impact on the Commercial Balance of Ecuador in the Period 2012-2016 PDF
María Soledad Carrión Jaramillo, Erika Samantha Sevilla Erazo, Digna Marcela Viteri Moya, Jenny Lolita Vinueza Luna 203-211
Flexible Activities of the Organization in Implementation of the Sustainable Development Principles in Selected Areas of the Organizations PDF
Anna Lemańska-Majdzik 212-222
Integrating Sustainability in Business: An Essential Need in the Global Context PDF
Carmen Valentina Radulescu, Loredana Popescu, Carmen Georgiana Badea 223-235
Ecoturism Potential and his Sustainable Development Oportunities in the Border Region between Slovakia and Poland PDF
Peter Čuka, Wiktor Osuch 236-242
Commitment to the Sustainability of Students within a Responsible Management Education PDF
Małgorzata Okręglicka 243-252
Sustainable Development as a Model and Artifact of Modern Civilization PDF
Tursun Gabitov, Marzhan Alikbayeva, Aliya Omirbekova, Nurlykhan Aljanova, Dinara Saparova 253-261
Social Media as a Tool for the Sustainability of Small and Medium Businesses in Macedonia PDF
Teuta Veseli-Kurtishi 262-268
Creating a Unique Sustainable Rating System for Saudi Arabia to Achieve Environmental Assessment and 2030 Vision PDF
Wael A. Aboneama 269-279
Promoting Pedestrian Eco-Mobility Trouough the Characteristics of the Physical Environment of Algerian Urban Context? The Example of Algiers/ What Degree of Influence? PDF
Madiha Khelfat, Tahar Baouni 280-288
Applying Sustainable Development in Architecture, Planning and Infra-Structure of Abha to be the First Eco-City in the Middle East PDF
Wael A. Aboneama 289-301
Do Foreign-Owned Firms Provide More Formal Training Than Their Domestic Counterparts? PDF
Merita Zulfiu Alili 302-316
Barriers to Implementation Sustainable Cement Manufacturing in Kuwait PDF
Shaikha AlSanad 317-322
Influence of Capital Structure on Sustainability of Community Water Projects PDF
Solomon Muriungi Mburung’a 323-332
The Business-Automated Data Economy Model Shifted Towards Sustainability, 2018 Update PDF
Dumitru-Alexandru Bodislav, Amelia Diaconu, Marcela Mitriță 333-338
Creating Sustainable Universities: Organizational Pathways of Transformation PDF
Le Kang, Lei Xu 339-348
Cultural Heritage, Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth: Global Lessons for the Local Communities Under a Marketing Approach PDF
Călin Vegheș 349-360
Food for Thought: The Socioeconomic Impact of Child Malnutrition and Maternal Health on the Academic Performance of Filipino School Children PDF
Vashti Alexandra H. Dominguez, Bernadette Louise B. Halili 361-371
Legal Scope of the Mediation and Problem of Applicability PDF
Sandra Kaija, Inga Kudeikina 372-380
An Inquiry into Islamic Finance from the Perspective of Sustainable Development Goals PDF
Ahmet Suayb Gundogdu 381-390
A New Harmonic Polyhedral Structure Based in Life and Well-Being as Framework to Solve the Main Problem of the Sustainable Development PDF
Juan Ángel Chica-Urzola, Ciro Alfonso Serna Mendoza 391-401
Stakeholders’ Contribution in Coordination of Passengers’ and Goods’ Flows within the Urban Areas PDF
Jagienka Rześny-Cieplińska 402-410
Using Virtual Tours to Facilitate Sustainable Site Visits of Historic Sites PDF
Benjamin H. George 411-422
Innovative Technologies for Utilization and Disinfection of Waste to Ensure Sustainable Development of Civilization PDF
Irina Suvorova, Oleg Kravchenko, Igor Baranov, Vitaliy Goman 423-434
Stakeholders Management in the Collection and Commercialization of Brown Macroalgae in the District of Marcona, Nazca, Peru PDF
Julie Contreras, Pilar Canales Solis, Marta Tostes 435-444
Curitiba Walk City: Revitalization of city center by making the city walking friendly, and sustainable PDF
Henrique Pissaia de Souza, Pedro Paulo Mulaski 445-450
Gender Equality Among CSR Managers and its Influence on Sustainable Development: A Comparison Among Italy, Spain and United Kingdom PDF
Armando Calabrese, Roberta Costa, Nathan Levialdi Ghiron, Tamara Menichini 451-462
Empirical Research Regarding the Migration of Highly Qualified Human Resources From Romania - Example from the Medical Field PDF
Dan Popescu, Cătălina Georgiana Picu, Andrei-Constantin Popescu 463-472
Empirical Research Regarding the Organizational Communication Performance in the Romanian Tourism Units PDF
Cristina State, Raluca Marei (Ozarchievici), Alina Dinu 473-482
MOVBIO - Mobilization of Biomass for Energy Recovery Towards a Sustainable Development PDF
Joana Carvalho, André Mota, André Ribeiro, Margarida Soares, Jorge Araújo, Cândida Vilarinho 483-488
Eco Sustainable Rail - Valorization of Mixed Plastics in the Development of Eco-Sustainable Railways PDF
Joana Carvalho, André Mota, André Ribeiro, Margarida Soares, Jorge Araújo, Cândida Vilarinho 489-495
Community Involvement Towards a Circular Economy: a Sociocultural Assessment of Projects and Interventions to Reduce Undifferentiated Waste PDF
Beatriz Michelle Bringsken, Isabel Loureiro, Carlos Ribeiro, Cândida Vilarinho, Joana Carvalho 496-506
The Study on the Sustainable Patterns of Grassroots Innovations in the Clusters of Micro-Enterprises PDF
Yao-Chin Lin, Chun-Liang Chen, Wei-Hung Chen 507-516
Can Learned Experiences Accelerate the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 11? A Framework to Evaluate the Contributions of Local Sustainable Initiatives to delivery SDG 11 in Brazilian Municipalities PDF
Ana C L Almeida, James C R Smart, Peter Davey 517-530
Drivers of Sustainability Practices and SMEs: A Systematic Literature Review PDF
Neetu Yadav, Kritesh Gupta, Leela Rani, Deewanshi Rawat 531-544
Developing Sustainable Agricultural Sector, as an Impetus for Macedonia`s Economic Growth PDF
Biljana Ciglovska 545-555
The role of Market Orientation and Innovation in Improving Business Performance of the Banking Industry PDF
Arman Mohajer Milani, Shahram Salavati 556-571

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