Guidelines for Authors

We strongly encourage authors to submit manuscripts that are under  20 pages / 10,000 words including everything (except detailed data descriptions and experimental instructions). While we understand some papers must be longer, if a paper (except for data and instructions) is longer than the aforementioned length it may be rejected without review.

Authors Guidelines

General Requirements

  • All manuscript should be written in English or Italian language. Title and abstract should be written only in English.
  • We only accept text files or files in .doc format (such as from Microsoft Word). We do not accept PDF submissions.
  • Articles should be approximately 2,000-7,000 words in length and should not exceed 20 pages. They should be written as continuous expository narrative in a chapter or article style—not as lists of points or a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Please remember that the articles are to be published in a fully refereed academic journal. This means that the style and structure of your text should be relatively formal. For instance, you should not submit a verbatim transcript of your oral presentation, such as ‘Today I want to speak to you about …’.
  • Article submissions must contain no more than 30% of textual material published in other places by the same author or authors, and these other places must be acknowledged and cited; in other words, the remaining 70% of the article must be unique and original to your current submission.
  • Authors must ensure the accuracy of citations, quotations, diagrams, tables and maps.
  • Articles must have a minimum of ten scholarly references.
  • Spelling can vary according to national usage, but should be internally consistent.
  • Articles should be thoroughly checked and proofread before submission, both by the author and a critical editorial friend. After you have submitted your article you are unable to make any changes to it during the refereeing process, although if accepted, you will have a chance to make minor revisions after refereeing and before the final submission of your article.
  • Articles will be assessed by referees against ten criteria or fewer, if some criteria do not apply to a particular kind of article.


A possible example can be found at the following link:

Page and text Layout

Please use the following rule of text for your manuscript:

  1. Set your pages up so that you have 1 inch margins (2.54 cm) on the left, right, top, and bottom of each page.
  2. Title: 16 pts. Centered, .
  3. Keywords: 10 pts., Italic, Justified.
  4. Abstract: 10 pts., Justified.
  5. Section headings: 11 pts. Numbered, Bold, alignment left. 
  6. Indent your section headings by 1/2 inch (1.27 cm)
  7. Text: 11 pts, single line, Justified, Garamond .Type only one space in between sentences.
  8. Tables and figures: Included in the text, centered and numbered, 10 pts., Justified.
  9. References: Use APA style for references. 
  10. Indent the references in the bibliography by 1/2 inch (1.27 cm), exept the first line.
  11. Tables and figures: Included in the text, centered and numbered.


1. Assign a number to every page of the paper except blank pages. On pages with large illustrations, the numbers are not shown, but the pages are counted in the pagination.

2. Number all pages in the upper right-hand corner except the first pages of chapters, of appendixes, of reference lists, and of bibliographies, where the numbers should be centered below the text.


All references given in the References section must correspond to citations in the text. Please double check this before submitting a manuscript. Use initials for first and middle names. Give the names of all the authors. For date of publication, only provide the year unless it is a newspaper article, in which case provide the complete date. List references alphabetically by first author. 

Sequence of the Article

In summary, the mandatory sequence of material in the paper should be title, author names, author affiliations, abstract, Keywords, body of the paper, acknowledgements (if any), references, appendices (if any).