Fostering Sustainable Packaging Industry: Global Trends and Challenges


  • Liudmyla Petrenko Kyiv National Economic University named after V. Hetman, Ukraine
  • Sergii Puzko Visiting PhD student of Cambridge JBS, Great Britain
  • Valentyna Lavrenenko Kyiv National Economic University named after V. Hetman, Ukraine
  • Iuliia Gernego Kyiv National Economic University named after V. Hetman, Ukraine



The article is focused on the examination of market dynamics of eco-friendly packaging both in Ukraine, the European Union and globally. This involves a comprehensive analysis of companies operating within the eco-friendly packaging sector with a focus on understanding their methodologies and tactics for introducing new products into the market. It investigates the prevailing trends and primary catalysts shaping the regulation, consumption, and production patterns of eco-friendly packaging on a global scale. This considers a broad spectrum of factors, including the rising trend of on-the-go food consumption, concerns environmental sustainability and human health, governmental initiatives, and strategic collaborations across various industries. These factors collectively contribute to the expansion of the eco-friendly packaging industry, enhancing its efficacy and allure for investment. The research provides overview of important trends and main challenges, causing discussions in the context of fostering sustainable packaging industry. In particular, there are discussion about the long-term environmental effect of certain materials and eco technologies. There is a complexity in understanding the diversified legislative basis for sustainable packaging industry development in different countries. There is also an area for discussions on the issue of consumer’s understanding of eco-friendly packaging advantages. Additionally, the research explores shifts in consumer preferences, the integration of novel technologies in packaging material manufacturing, and the establishment of standards and regulations governing eco-friendly packaging. It focuses on evaluating the growth trajectory of the eco-packaging sector and the operational strategies adopted by companies within this domain specifically in Ukraine. This analysis encompasses an assessment of financial metrics, innovative methodologies, market competition dynamics, and other pertinent variables influencing the performance and viability of companies operating in this sector within the Ukrainian market context.

Keywords: sustainable development, sustainable finance, ecological packaging, environmental polution.




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Petrenko , L. ., Puzko , S. ., Lavrenenko , V. ., & Gernego , I. . . (2024). Fostering Sustainable Packaging Industry: Global Trends and Challenges. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 13(2), 63.