Insolvency Proceedings in Post-Pandemic Period, Through the Governance Sustainability Prism


  • Valdis Savickis Rīga Stradiņš University, Faculty of Social Sciences. Dzirciema Street 16, Riga, LV-1007, Latvia.



Insolvency proceedings, business environment, governance sustainability


Nevertheless, COVID-19 Pandemic situation calm down in Latvia and in whole world, diffracted, common legal order and procedural norms came back in so called “normal functioning”. Authors aim is to examine the legal regime in post-pandemic period and conclude the impact of specific legal regulation on the procedural and material legal norms. The study uses analytical and descriptive methods, evaluating normative acts and political decisions. Comparative method is used to compare the scope of legal instruments of national level, in the sphere of civil procedures and insolvency proceedings. Historical method is used to compare and analyze legal norms. As a result of the study, author concluded, that: 1) scope of applicable legal instruments used during the emergency situation there not even prolonged, but remained unchanged in legal norms of the special normative acts, regulating suppression of consequences of the spread and management of the spread of COVID-19 Infection; 2) state, in order to reach governance sustainability aims, invented digital and technological solutions, in order to reach the improvement of the economic situation of society and to promote the stability of the national economy.

Keywords: Insolvency proceedings, civil procedures, business environment, governance sustainability, legal entities.




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Savickis, V. . (2024). Insolvency Proceedings in Post-Pandemic Period, Through the Governance Sustainability Prism. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 13(2), 297.