The Political Development of Women in Albania


  • Eglantina Farruku



The issue of women’s representation and participation in politics and decision-making is not anymore an unknown or un-discussed issue in Albanian. This paper attempts to investigate the conceptual and material bases of women’s participation in the politics in Albania.  It will be bringing facts and arguments regarding the participation of women not only in political life and decision making but also is going to investigate in detail in membership of political parties. Further investigation will be on how much weight women have on media coverage of different aspects of their life.

Politic cannot be done properly, if the vision and the concepts of the woman’s in general would not be brought up by their women representatives in the political arena.  Despite the increase number of women in parliament, many advocate that the women until now had been only a decoration on the back ground of the political life and these needed to be changed. It seems that this change now taking place in Albania that would take some time. The study tries to provide information and analyses on this regard. Then the paper reaches a conclusion that there is still a long way to go in Albania for convincing more women to participate in politics, because without of them the politic would not be addressing whole problems of the country.

 Key words Politic, Women, Participation, Parliament, Parties, Election




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Farruku, E. (2015). The Political Development of Women in Albania. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 4(3), 13.