EU Investment Policy as the Basis for Sustainable Development: Implementation Prospects in Ukraine

Volodymyr Ustymenko, Olena Zeldina



Ukraine has no state investment policy that can lead to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The purpose of this article is to analyze the experience of the European Union (EU) regarding the use of the investment policy for sustainable development and, on this basis, to offer the provisions to be further taken into account when forming the investment policy of Ukraine to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. The authors focus on the investment policy of the EU countries, as the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Greece. The analysis of the investment policy of these countries reveals both positive and negative aspects. The authors-researchers suggest what positive approaches of the European countries’ investment policy should be considered in the laws of Ukraine. They define what investment policy of Ukraine should be like in terms of sustainable development, based on the principles of investment policy development for sustainable development proposed in the UNCTAD report, the Ukraine’s national sustainable development paradigm and the EU countries’ experience.


Keywords: investment policy, sustainable development, EU experience, laws, perspectives.

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