Applied Problems and Directions of Decisions of Green Technologies in Sustainable Development of Information Economics

Aliyev Alovsat


The article is dedicated to the applied  problems  and directions   of decisions of green technologies in sustainable development of information economics. The necessity of formation of the green economy and the reasons of transition to it in globalization and integration conditions are explained. The problems of greening of industrial, post-industrial, also information and knowledge-based economy are determined. The process of greening is represented as a new stage in economic development. International and regional conditions of formation of green economy are analysed. The importance of ICT in the greening of economic activity sphere is substantiated. Application tools, problems and directions   of decisions of ICT in the greening of the new type of information economy are shown.


Key words: green economy, greening of industrial economy, greening technologies, green economy initiatives, green information economy, green computer networks, green ICT

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