Environmental and Climatic Challenges on the World Heritage Sites


  • Anfal Saeed Dawood




The natural WHSs have prominent global value, where they help to preserve and conserve the value of future and current generations.  Thus, IUCN, which represents the body of the Committee of World Heritage seeks to manage the risks that threaten these sites and may be destroyed their values.  However, there are a large number of disasters that threaten the cultural heritage around the world. These disasters are obtained from human-made or natural hazards. Several disasters have been occurring within different areas and caused severe damage to the intangible and tangible features of WHSs. Within this paper, the key climatic and environmental risks that face the WHSs have been discussed. This problem has been addressed by showing the volume of damages caused by climatic and environmental risks. Further, three ways have been suggested to manage these risks and to preserve the WHSs from their impact. Finally, a summary and solutions for this problem have been given.

 Key Words: WHSs, IUCN, Natural hazards, Human-made hazards, extractive activities, wildfires




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Dawood, A. S. (2016). Environmental and Climatic Challenges on the World Heritage Sites. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 5(4), 265. https://doi.org/10.14207/ejsd.2016.v5n4p265