Innovative Technology for Sustainable New Materials


  • Valentina Beghetto
  • Lodovico Agostinis
  • Renzo Taffarello
  • Riccardo Samiolo



Active Cross-Linking agents (ACL) are a class of compounds used as activators for a wide range of reactions which aim to make covalent bonds without leaving trace in the final product. Crossing S.r.l., an Innovative Start Up, made a study to synthesize and test a new type of ACL for different manufacturing processes. In particular, a process was developed for the tanning of hides, allowing the making of a stable and metal-free leather with a deep focus to the environmental sustainability. Furthermore a second process for the production of active packaging by ACL is reported preventing the alteration of food, thanks to the complete, or partial, removal of preservatives and allowing a concrete solution to allergenic and intolerance problems. With this study Crossing S.r.l wants to demonstrate the possibility to produce good quality leather or offering an alternative to the use of preservatives with a highly sustainable protocols.

 Keywords: Cross-Linking, Innovative, Sustainable, Industry, packaging, cellulose, leather.




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Beghetto, V., Agostinis, L., Taffarello, R., & Samiolo, R. (2016). Innovative Technology for Sustainable New Materials. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 5(4), 353.