Smart City Solution for Sustainable Urban Development


  • Mostafa Basiri
  • Ali Zeynali Azim
  • Mina Farrokhi



The intention of the 21st century we entered a strong global growth in the multitude of comparatively few in number, large cities. Large, dense cities can be highly efficient. It is most desirable that side, by the heads of the green, and the future porticos. Bearing to the influx of the citizens of the new challenges of the rapid advance to command positions. To accumulate the benefits, with a positive, as well as a dense fog, in one state, to measure the informal are the negative aspects of the development of equal, traffic congestion, waste, wealth management approach is wrong. The demand for services is immediate, tribute, and custom, that you might found after them. At the same time in the company the first side of the planet will be in the forms of competition which known to you - a capital for the sake of wealth, and the creative class. These challenges to an approach to the design of new experiments, A finance committee, to the construction of the urban infrastructure and services, which is similar to the operation of the government and the smart cities. Fact this approach to the emerging of the knowledge of the time, technology. This paper is devoted to investigate concepts and principles of Smart City and sustainable urban development, components and urban planners' role.


Keywords: Smart, City, Smart City, Sustainable Development, Urban Development




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Basiri, M., Azim, A. Z., & Farrokhi, M. (2017). Smart City Solution for Sustainable Urban Development. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 6(1), 71.