Identifying lifestyles of Kosovo beer consummers


  • Arsim Begunca



It is generally known that the business of enterprises nowadays takes place in a very dynamic environment and in terms of a very tough competition that exceeds the boundaries of a country due to unprecedented business internationalization. Therefore, to survive and develop a successful business in a blur and unclear environment many enterprises develop their business by the marketing concept, according to which the market segmentation is done through various methods using different variables. One of variables used in segmentation is the lifestyle, which falls within the psychographic variables. This study aims to identify the lifestyles of beer consumers in Kosovo, through constructing a valuable and reliable instrument in order to profiling consumers. By identifying lifestyles, the industry is able to use these data (information) to identify and understand target markets, having available more information about things the consumers value, their activities and what are the basic personal features they have. If target markets are understood a quality product or service can be provided which will highly satisfy consumer needs that affect growth of business activity at the same time.

The paper-study aiming to achieve objectives is organized in five chapters: Preface; 2. Introduction 3.Research methodology; 4. Data Analysis; 5. Conclusions, implications, study limitations and suggestions for future studies.

 Key Words: lifestyle, trade, consumer satisfaction, market, quality.




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