Innovation as a Key Factors of Small Business Competition


  • Monika Sipa



The contemporary world is characterized by quick changes and the propagation of knowledge-based economies, and consequently, the necessity to constantly introduce innovations by the enterprise. However, this process involves numerous dangers, as the features of innovative processes are high costs and high level of risk. While implementing innovations, enterprises set goals which are to be achieved thanks to them. In the case of small entities it seems that the essential aim for the introduction of changes is the reduction of costs connected with the activity, which is often indicated as the factor for the formation of the competitive position. Therefore, the primary goal of the compilation was the identification of changes in the area of determining the aim of innovation introduction by small enterprises functioning in the Southern Region of Poland. The analysis included the level of innovativeness and competitiveness of the examined companies. The conclusions were based on the results of two original studies concerning innovativeness and competitiveness of small enterprises, conducted in years 2006/07 and 2013.


 Keywords: competitiveness factor, small enterprises, innovation, competition




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Sipa, M. (2017). Innovation as a Key Factors of Small Business Competition. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 6(1), 344.