Women as Social Enterpreneurship and Use of Technology


  • Fahriye Altınay
  • Zehra Altınay




Transformation of societies relies on the use of technology. Changes and development require the reality of practicing the transformative learning theory. As transformative learning theory sheds a light on the perspective changes in life styles, women are considered key parties to be involved in the transformative learning process in order to experience social entrepreneurship. The use of technology is an opportunity for women to gain capacity in the social entrepreneurship within the digital societies. This research study aims to evaluate the small cases through the perceptions of women on the use of technology and social entrepreneurship. Qualitative research study was conducted that self report was used. Cases were considered from the experiences of women on social entrepreneurship and technology. In order to analyze data, thematic analysis was conducted.

Research results revealed that women as separate cases have learned technology through use of social media. They are social entrepreneurs that they make projects for facilitating social responsibility to share knowledge, researching and learning new things. They underlined that technology foster their skills to continue their working performance and making projects in the society. As these experiences become transformation for their lives, women gain a chance to be employed and open their own works through the merits of technology.


Keywords: digitalization, learning, women, social entrepreneurship, technology, transformation





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Altınay, F., & Altınay, Z. (2018). Women as Social Enterpreneurship and Use of Technology. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 7(3), 183. https://doi.org/10.14207/ejsd.2018.v7n3p183