Assessment of the Degree Ageing Labour Force for Example of Poland and Slovakia


  • Andrzej Skibiński



The process of population ageing is increasing on an unprecedented scale, affecting European populations and other highly developed countries worldwide.  By looking at this process from a demographic perspective, it is possible to assess both the severity of this phenomenon and its dynamics at a specific time and in a specific area such as an administrative unit, country or region. The aim of this publication is to present the dynamics of the process of population ageing using Poland and Slovakia as examples, as well as selected findings of a questionnaire survey showing respondents' opinions about problems connected with ageing and shrinking of potential labour force. The paper is a next stage of the research into changes in population age structures and their consequences in European Union countries. This time, attention was focused on the dynamics of changes in the share of working age population. The dynamics of the population ageing process was determined in this case using demographic ageing index (Polish: WSD) based on point differences between younger and older population shares.


Keywords: ageing of population, labour force, demographic ageing index





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Skibiński, A. (2018). Assessment of the Degree Ageing Labour Force for Example of Poland and Slovakia. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 7(3), 473-482.